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About Cocotte


More than Great Food

Cocotte: [ koh-kot ; French noun]

A round or oval casserole, usually of earthenware or fireproof porcelain, used especially for a covered dish in which food is both cooked and served.

The cocotte is part of the French home culinary tradition.


​Cooking and eating with a cocotte is about French lifestyle and sharing.​

Cocotte, a French restaurant concept imagined by authentic food lovers for authentic food lovers...

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Philosophy & Values

Bring to Vietnam authentic, traditional

French bistro food & wine



Honesty is essential at Cocotte, both in the human relationship and in the food served on the plate! 



Hospitality is a major value of Cocotte. Our teams will welcome you in the best possible way to make you feel at home!



The family characterizes the values of Cocotte by sharing the traditional French cooking!



The spirit of camaraderie is very important at Cocotte. The core idea of our restaurants is to get together with friends to share good food and drink.

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Bring Cocotte to your home and enjoy the moment with your family and friends.

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